Welcome to Meghna Agro and Farms

Meghna Agro and Farms is dedicated to sustainable, profitable, eco-friendly and multi purposes products producer. Our mission is to produce milk, meat and agro products to supply local and remote area’s market. Other segments like vermi compost production, biogas plant, bio fertilizer production and hydroponic grass production are available here. Our goals include high quality products to sell both wholesale and retail. Production methods include new technology utilizing sustainable farm and best management practices.

Meghna Agro and Farms is owned and operated privately. The farm comprises 25 bighas land for production fodder to reduce the production risk. Here we grow up a dairy farm with cattle fattening and chicken farming. There are lots of vegetables, oilseeds, fruits, spices and other general crops are produced in the farmland. Through market research it is evident that consumers are interested in high end specialty products. There is a move toward food safety and rural reputation that will benefit our operation.

The operation mode of this business is sustainable and general.

Meghna Agro and Farms is situated in a special place. The mission of my farm is to provide unique and wholesome produce that is enjoyable and sustainable. We work harmoniously systematically with the farm and nature to get optimum feedback. That is why we are able to produce quality milk, beef and mutton, poultry and agro products to supply local and divisional market which have ever demand everywhere in Bangladesh. The transport system is very well with all over Bangladesh.

Always we are ready to serve safe food to all. Agriculture & Farm related items production, processing and supply --- Food Safety (organic).

That is why, we have to prepare to invest in good quality cows, goats, chickens with proper housing, good management practices and feeding. We ensure every step of seed sorting, land preparation using bio compost and IPM for producing vegetables and other crops cultivation. Because we value the customers’ demands and acceptance.